Products - Thujas

Thujas are the most popular coniferes, perfect choice for decorating gardens and terraces. These evergreen plants can be the attraction of the garden during summer and winter alike. Planted in row thujas can quickly form a natural, dense hedge.

Our clients can choose from a wide range of thujas: different colours and shapes, all growth in our farms and greenhouses.
Already chosen a thuja? Please also ask for our professional guidance on planting and maintanance.

Emerald green thuja
It's the favourite of landscapers and gardeners: easy to plant and maintain. Tight, pyramidal, evergreen spires work well as a hedge. Offers intimity for garndens and a good protection against noise.

Midget thujas
These small sized thujas are very slow growing conifers (1-10 cm/year), their reach when mature is only 60-80 cm. These coniferes are perfect for spaces that are limited on space, or for terraces to grow them in pots. They prefer sunny places, average to slightly sandy, well drained soils. Midget thujas come in multiple variations:
 - green conifers,
 - yellow conifers,
 - globe shaped conifers.

Common juniper
This type of thuja is growing very slow in horizontal direction, reaching only 50 cm of height, with a latitude of 2 - 2,5 m diameter. A beautiful conifere even in winter: it is resistant against really low temperatures and dryness as well. It grows well in sunny places, but also in the partly sunny. Not pretentious at soil with the condition to be well drained. This conifer is ideal to cover the soil and for setting slope areas.

Leyland cypress
Leyland cypress are very popular in country beeing planted in parks and gardens. An evergreen tree with a pyramidal shape, rounded woody and dense cones. It's bright colour makes this tree an excellent addition to any landscape. Can be planted individually or in row to form a hedge.

For plantation we recommend the period between april - november. Besides proper planting, proper care is important: regular watering and fertilization are indispenabile.