Products - Pine seedlings

At our farm we grow different types of evergreen pines, although we put a focus on Picea Abies - the Norway Spruce. This type of pine is widely spreaded  in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, in south at higher levels, ex. Carpathian mountains. In optimal conditions and environment this pine can live 120-14o years. Prefers acidic soils and realtiv high humidity, has moderate water needs.

The Norway spruce is one of the most widely planted type of pine for its wood, it is one of the most economically important coniferous species in Europe.

Species growth in our farm are carefully choosed by their characteristics and based on our clients' needs on their replanting and afforesting projects. We always aim maximum results:

    - 1-2 years old norway spruce growth in greenhouse
    - 1-2 years old norway spruce growth outdoor
    - 1 year old european larch growth in greenhouse (Larix Decidua)
    - 1+1 year old european larch growth outdoor
    - 2 years old norway spruce growth in plastic pot
    - 2 years old silver pine growth in plastic pot

Our seedlings growth outside come with naked roots, while seedlings in pots have covered roots - but both are well protected during the transportation insuring a high survival rate.
On customer request, based on orders, we cultivate other species as well.

Why You should buy from us?

  • we provide only healthy, disease-free seedlings;
  • we have constantly a wide range of seedlings;
  • wide selection: resistant species in different sizes;
  • we work only with quality seeds;
  • our supply source is constantly verified, tested and guaranteed;
  • roots protection is well established during transportation until planting;
  • chemichal protection done during in pot;
  • we offer a fast and efficient planting process reducing almost to 0 all concussion;
  • high catching and survival rate of the seedlings;
  • professional guidance offered from planting until cutting.