About us

Our company - Írisz Pine L.T.D. - is a two generations family business with more than 10 years of experience and a main target: to offer sustainable solutions for all pine forrest and farm owners,  using all our accumulated knowledge, starting from seeds and seedlings to forrest renew and afforest. We are constantly looking for new solutions and we reinvest in nature all we learn.

You will find our pine farm in Văcărești - Transylvania, near mountains Harghita covered with beautifull pine forrests. Our farm and all our greenhouses are special designed and built for growing resistant, healthy pine-trees from quality, disease-free seeds and seedlings. We can guarantee, this way, for our clients an increased survival rate for the new plantations.

For us it's all about our clients' satisfaction: we offer to them our professional forresting services, experience and professional guidance. All our already executed forresting projects demonstrate the ability and seriousness of our team. We are really proud of the number of more than 500.000 pieces of pine-trees planted.

Our family company is in constant evolution. Weare looking to implement new tehnologies not only in planting pines but also in maintaining. Írisz pine farn is growing: we have more and more seedlings and young trees, this way we sure can keep our business up to date to the market needs, this way we sure can contribute to the sustainability of nature.