Forest cleaning after depletion
Cleaning the forest after depletion (cutting totally or partially) is a very important process: this way is done not only the collection and arrenging work of the trimmed branches, but also the preaparation of the ground for replanting by renewal or total afforestation. Contact our experienced team to execute this service quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Forest renewal and seedling mainteinance
Forest renewal has a main goal to intentionally restock existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted by planting seedlings. Whether it's about wood industry or ecological restoration, proper planting determines the gripping and survival rate of seedlings.
We are comitted to any forest renewal project starting from lands over 30 ha. We always plant exclusively our own seedlings growth in our pine farm, we also provide aftercare as well. Conform EU legislation every depletion must be followed by forrest renewal so just contact with any projects, and we will do the rest.

It is about afforestation of agricultural land left fallow, with no forest vegetation in the past. Now these projects are funded by the state or the EU - programme called "First `afforestation." In the process of afforestation we put an emphasised focus on achieving quality and resistant plantations.

Growing and selling seedlings for afforestations
Seedling growth has well-defined steps by which we can ensure the ideal development of seedlings right from the first phase, also a high survival rate (over 98%) after planting:
     1. carefully selected seed germination under controlled conditions (temperature, light, humidity) necessary to trigger this process. This stage takes place in our own, specially designed and built, greenhouses in plastic containers. Over the years we have found the perfect plastic containers, supporting the best root development.

   2. seedling growth under uncontrolled conditions, at outdoors. The ideal age for replanting seedlings is around 2 years. The younger and smaller seedlings can adapt much easier to new conditions like environment, climate, soil.

   3. planting seedlings to their permanent place happens in spring or autumn. That's how we design all our afforestation or renewal woek as well: during spring  - from March until the end of April, during autumn - starting in October untill the days with the first frost.

We recommend to avoid planting after May (at higher levels after June): it is really important that before high temperature period, with low moisture, all seedlings to have a good grip by root to survive drought!

Our plantation methods
    - traditional planting in hole:
At this method a special tool is used, by which a hole is made large enough to cover the root of the seedling. After placing the plant in the hole, this is filled up with rich soil.

    - the scandinavian method:
At this method we use a special instrument designed and built in Finland (see picture below). Using this tool we ensure greater efficiency and planting seedlings without any degradation.