Products - Christmas trees

Christmas tree is an outstanding symbol of winter holidays - decorating the christmas tree beeing family's beloved moment. The beautiful colour and special scent of pine trees can create magical christmas atmosphere. Our young and beautiful christmas trees, growth from seeds, help our clients create this desired atmosphere.

In winter season we offer a wide range of magnificient christmas trees, all growth in our pine farm at Văcărești, Harghita county.

Silver pine
Silver pines are one of the favourite christmas trees. It's fantastic scent completes christmas atmosphere both in and outdoor. The leaves - needles- covered with a layer of wax, can keep humidity, they resist even indoors for a long period. These species are choosen because of their optimal price range too.

Nordmann fir
Nordmann fir is more and more popular as a christmas tree. Is remarkably beautiful and resistent tree. It's needle are happily staying in place for weeks before drop, and because of the softness it is an ideal tree for families with smaller kids.

Abies fir
Abies firs have less branches, are not too dense but have a strong and good scent. Because of it's soft needles it is easy to decorate, also have a beautiful bright green color.

All our christmas trees are at least 7-8 years old. Can be choosed and reserved at our pine farm starting from november. We will cut the trees only with a couple of days before christmas, and on request we manage delivery as well.
We have a new product for all those who live in houses - christmas tree in pot. Ecological alternative for families who want to save the tree after christmas, replanting it outdoor.